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Frames / Automotive Parts

  Frames  Primer and Black  Primer & Custom color  Chemical Strip/SandBlasting  Price
 Car Chassis Frame Clean  $450  $550  Chemical Strip/SandBlasting  $225 to $275
 Car Chassis Sub-Frame Clean  $250  $350  Chemical Strip/SandBlasting  $125 to $175
 Roll Bar/Cage  $150.00-250.00    Chemical Strip/SandBlasting  $75 to $125
 Rims-Steel  $80.00-100.00    Chemical Strip/SandBlasting  $20 to $30
 Rims-Aluminum Magnesium  $100.00-120.00    Chemical Strip/SandBlasting  
Prices below do not include Stripping and Blasting Cost
 Parts  Price  Parts  Price
 A-Arm  $25.00-45.00  License Plate Frame  $20.00
 Air intake Piping  $1.00 per inch  Lug Nuts  $2.00 each
 Air Cleaner Base  $25.00-35.00
 Air Cleaner Lid  $15.00-20.00  Oil Pan  $55.00-75.00
 Battery Box  $30.00-40.00  Pulley  Under 4' Diameter $20.00 Over 4' Diameter $25.00
 Battery Tray  $20.00-30.00   Shell  $25
 Bolt Head (taped threads)  $2.00 each  Radiator Support  $125.00-250.00
 Bracket  Small $10.00, Medium $15.00, Large $20.00  Rear Housing  Full size $150.00-$200.00 Narrowed $100.00-$150.00
 Brake Caliper (single pc.)  $45.00-75.00 each (depending on the number of pistons)  Springs  $30.00-40.00 each
 Brake Caliper (2 pc.)  $40.00-60.00 each (depending on the number of pistons)  Strut bar upper (only middle section if ends come off)  $20.00
 Brake Caliper Bracket  15.00 each  Strat bar upper (ends included as 1 full bar)  $40.00
 Brake Backing Plate  $15.00-20.00 each  Strut bar lower (only milddle section if ends come off)  $15.00
 Brake Drum  $30.00-40.00 each  Strut bar lower (ends included as 1 full bar)  $35.00
 Bumpers  $100.00-200.00 (large off-road bumpers 200.00 +)  Strut bar  $60.00-$80.00
 Carburetor  $60.00-100.00  Timing cover  $30.00-$40.00
 Coil Spring  $20.00-30.00 each  Transmission Pan  $35.00 -$40.00
 Control Arm  $25.00-40.00  Turbo Compressor Housing-inlet  $45.00
 Exhaust Manifold  Ceramic Coating ask for quote  Turbo Trubine Housing-Outlet in Ceramic  Please see Ceramic Section
 Fan  $25.00-35.00  Value Cover  4 Cylinder $50.00
 Fan Shroud  $50.00-60.00  Value Cover in line  6 Cylinder $60.00
 Fuel Tank  $100.00-125.00  Value cover  V-6 Cylinder $80.00-$90.00 pair
 Fuel Cell  $60.00-80.00  Value Cover  V-8 Cylinder $80.00-$100.00 pair
 Fuel Rail 0  $25.00-35.0  Value Cover  
 Headers  Ceramic Coating ask for quote  Value Cover lettering  Polished Lettering Add $20.00-$30.00
 Headlight Buckets  $30.00 Per Pair  Washer  $1.00
 Headlight Ring  $20  Water pump (must remove bearings inside)  $40.00
 Heat Shield- Ceramic  Ceramic Coating ask for quote  Wheelie Bars  $80.00-120.00
 Hood Hinges  $20.00-40.00  Windsheild Wiper Arms  30.00 pair
 Hood Latch-Bottom  $15.00-25.00  Hood Latch-Top  $15.00-25.00
 Hub Cap (metal)  $25.00 each  Intake Manifold 4-6-8 Cylinder  $80.00 -120.00
 Intercooler (our heat transfer coating works better at dissipating heat)  $60.00- 120.00 (depending on size)  Intercooling piping  $1.00 per inch

House Colors We Stock with No Charge to the Customer,

Gloss Black, Flat Black, White, Red, Yellow

If you need a specific color, you pick and the Customer pays invoice cost...

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Spectra Coat or Powder buy the Pound is our main supplier of small amounts of powder.

Check out their selection and let us know your color.

They ship same day.....Order 3 pounds for a set of wheels (4)

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Prismatic has over 6000 colors

Prismatic is another excellent supplier

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