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Due to the great number of variables with parts that thermal coatings can be applied to, this list is only a partial sample of prices. Pricing can vary based on condition, size, options, etc. Prices quoted are based on raw, uncoated metal. Coated surfaces will require addtional work to remove the existing coating. We will verify your parts when they come in to give you a more accurate quote. Should we discover any issues while working on your job, such as cracks, rust holes, etc, we will stop and give you a call to let you know so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

  Application  ...  ... Price
 Headers  V8-SB  full length  $275
   V8-BB  full length  $300
   V8-SB  competition  $325
   V8-BB  competition  $350
   V8  mid length  $250
   V8  shorty  $225
   V6 / I6  full length  $225
   V6  competition  $250
   V6  shorty street  $175
   I4  full length street  $175
   I4  competition  $225
   I4  shorty street  $150
   I4  competition  $225
 Exhaust Manifolds  V8-SB    $200
   V8-BB    $225
   V6/I6    $175
   I4    $125
 Turbo Housing  Hot side   Small  $70
   Hot side  Large  $90
 Exhaust Pipe  Diameter based  Outside and Inside  $16 to $72 per foot

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